Reverse mortgage lender Seniors Money Canada has expanded its operations into Western and Atlantic Canada.

According to Nick DiRenzo, president & CEO, the extended network will enable the company to serve the emerging financial needs of more than 4.3 million Canadians, 60 years and older, for whom the greatest asset is their home.

“The establishment of Seniors Money in Western and Atlantic Canada will encourage healthy competition in the industry, offer consumers more choice, and raise understanding of the responsible role of the reverse mortgage as a retirement product,” he says.

Seniors Money will introduce itself to Western and Atlantic Canadians with an integrated marketing campaign beginning this week. Under the theme “Give Yourself a Hand,” the consumer advertising will showcase Canadians using the equity they’ve accumulated in their home to complete meaningful life projects or assist family members achieve an education.

Currently, the Seniors Money Loan is available through Seniors Money consultants and the Mortgage Alliance broker network. The company plans to expand into Quebec later this year.