Three stuffed money bags

Canadian millennials are rolling the dice and not seeking financial help or professional advice when they receive an inheritance, according to survey results published on Tuesday from Toronto-Dominion Bank.

The survey uncovered that while 83% of millennials who have received, or who anticipate receiving, an inheritance feel confident in their ability to manage their inheritance, nearly half (46%) of those who have already inherited wish they had sought professional advice on how to manage their new-found wealth.

“Managing an inheritance can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for those millennials who are typically not as well-versed in managing larger sums of money or assets. When receiving an inheritance, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed and make decisions you later regret,” says Jeet Dhillon, vice president and senior portfolio manager, TD Wealth. “This is particularly true in cases where a large inheritance makes you a high-net-worth individual overnight, as the sums involved tend to be bigger and the consequences of the choices you make are magnified.”

The survey also showed that 41% of millennials expect to receive an inheritance or have already received one. Of these, 60% anticipate they will receive cash, while 53%)foresee inheriting a property or the proceeds from the sale of one.

“The value of your inheritance may be greater than anticipated, and once received, it can be difficult in the moment to make strategic decisions that will benefit you and your family for the long term. It’s important to pause, determine what your short and long-term financial goals are, and develop a comprehensive plan with your advisor that will help you meet those goals before taking on any new financial commitments,” continues Dhillon.

TD Bank Group commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a custom survey of 6,021 Canadians aged 18 and older. Responses were collected between Feb. 20 and March 1. This report included questions asked to 3,028 Canadians, of which 687 are Millennials, who have received or anticipate receiving an inheritance in the future.