Investor advocacy group, the Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights (FAIR Canada) is looking for financial support.

The group’s board of directors announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign that’s being seeded by a $2 million donation from the Jarislowsky Foundation. The foundation was established by veteran investor and governance advocate, Stephen Jarislowsky (who also serves as a director of FAIR).

FAIR Canada was initially launched with funding from the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) at the behest of its founder and initial executive director, Ermanno Pascutto. And, it has since been supported by funds from both IIROC and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). But, it is now seeking to transition to more sustainable financial footing by creating an endowment fund.

Jarislowsky says that he made this initial donation because he sees the group’s work as being of “such critical importance to Canada’s economic well-being”; and he is calling on other financial industry leaders to contribute. “FAIR Canada invites visionary leaders in the investment and financial industries to support our efforts to permanently raise the standards and performance of Canada’s investment industry,” the group says.

“FAIR Canada has been a voice for investors for over five years and has developed an impressive track record. We have a reputation for being a credible, independent, well-reasoned and sophisticated investor representative. And with secure funding, we can ensure that FAIR will continue to focus on its important work,” said FAIR’s chair Ellen Roseman.

Small donations can be made through the group’s website, through; or, for larger contributions, it invites potential donors to contact its new executive director, Neil Gross, directly.