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Lake Success, New York-based Broadridge Financial Services Inc. has launched a cloud-based wealth management tool that uses predictive analytics to create an enhanced profile of prospective clients, in addition to providing relevant content for those types of clients.

The automated content recommendations of Broadridge Smart Insights are designed to help advisors engage with clients and prospects more efficiently and can be shared via email, social media and other channels.

The program combines consumer demographic, financial and behavioural information and Broadridge datasets with machine learning and proprietary technology.

“Advisors we’ve polled simply don’t have the time to keep up with servicing clients while coping with the increasing demands of running their practices. Broadridge Smart Insights empowers advisors to be more productive and efficient, by placing the latest technology and analytics at their fingertips, enabling them to grow relationships and their businesses with the right data and insights at the right time,” says Steve Scruton, president of Broadridge Advisor Solutions, in a statement.

“In today’s digital environment, personal insights are just as critical to a financial advisor’s practice as exceptional financial acumen,” adds Salvatore Sodano, vice chairman of Broadridge Advisor Solutions, in a statement. “Smart Insights arms advisors with the information they need to make timely, authentic personal connections with clients and prospects while providing a heightened level of customer service.”