IE’s Regulatory Reporter: April 2017

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) launched a new website on Thursday that aims to help investors understand their new annual reports that include the costs of investing and portfolio performance as part of the second phase of the client relationship model (CRM2) reforms.

The OSC’s new website,, features explanations of different types of fees and charges and how they impact the long-term value of portfolios. Similarly, the website explains personal rates of return and sets out the differences between money-weighted and time-weighted return methodologies.

“For the first time, many investors will be receiving new reports about their account performance and fees,” says Tyler Fleming, director of the OSC’s Investor Office, in a statement. “ breaks down what investors can expect from the new reports so they can better understand how they are progressing toward their financial goals and use them to make more informed decisions about their money.”

Photo copyright: stockyimages/123RF