tax inspector investigating financial documents through magnifying glass, forensic accounting or financial forensics, inspecting offshore company financial papers, documents and reports.

The Bourse de Montréal Inc. (MX) is launching a consultation on rule changes that aim to more clearly set out its investigative process.

The exchange’s regulatory division has published a set of proposals designed to improve the fairness, efficiency and transparency of its investigations by spelling out its procedures directly in the rules.

Among other things, the proposals set out the powers of the regulatory division when conducting an investigation. They also detail the rights and obligations of the anyone who receives an information request as part of a regulatory investigation.

Currently, the rules include provisions that enumerate some of the regulatory division’s powers and cover the general obligations of respondents during an investigation.

The MX said that it has received questions from the industry seeking clarity on these issues, so it’s now seeking to detail them more clearly.

The proposals are out for comment until July 31.