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People Working Finance Stock Exchange ConceptPeople Working Finance Stock Exchange Concept

Model rule, if implemented by regulators, would add enforcement teeth to arb awards, sanctions


MFDA alleged over $300,000 was taken through early GIC redemptions, withdrawals


Fund managers hid risk of complex trading strategy that blew up in March 2020

Metal handcuffs placed over the word fraud

Scheme secured US$133 million in loans based on forged documents

Montreal stock exchange tower against a clear blue sky.

Firm settled allegations involving unapproved electronic access


David Singh was sentenced to three and a half years in jail and ordered to pay $4.8 million in restitution

Bitcoin Electronic Crypto Currency Exchange Concept Illustration

Global crypto mining and trading scheme was a sham, U.S. authorities allege


Trio failed to implement controls to prevent violations of derivatives, money laundering rules

Wall street sign in New York with American flags and New York Stock Exchange background.

Front running unreleased stock picks netted US$12 million in illicit profits, U.S. authorities say


The regulator added 20 staffers to its crypto enforcement team