November is Financial Literacy Month and the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is inviting investors to discover more about their mutual funds by using a new CSA Fund Facts interactive sample.

Investors can use this free, interactive tool to take a guided tour of a sample Fund Facts document and learn to easily identify a fund’s principal investments, past performance, risk rating and cost to investors.

“Investors owe it to themselves to read the Fund Facts documents to help them make informed investment decisions regarding mutual funds,” said Bill Rice, chairman of the CSA and chairman and CEO of the Alberta Securities Commission. “This new CSA online tool helps investors understand the information contained in Fund Facts documents and can assist them in evaluating whether a specific mutual fund is right for them.”

Fund Facts documents are written in plain language that highlights key information about a mutual fund that CSA research has identified as important to investors. Dealers are required to deliver the Fund Facts document to mutual fund investors within two days of purchase.

Throughout Financial Literacy Month, the CSA will be sending out investor education tweets from @CSA_News.