Whether you’re prepping meals for the week or killing time on your way to work, you can fill the silence — or drown out the commuter chatter — with great audio storytelling in the form of a podcast to break up the monotony of everyday routines.

Here’s a sampling of podcasts with financial themes that you can subscribe to, as recommended by personal-finance bloggers and financial planners:

1. Because Money
Because Money wades into discussions about everything from advertising in financial media to cross-border financial planning for dual citizens.

Noel D’Souza, Toronto-based financial planner at Money Coaches Canada, says Because Money offers a look at what’s right — and what needs changing — in today’s financial landscape while giving listeners practical ideas on how to think about money.

2. Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian
Hang out with the likes of robo-advisor CEOs, money moguls and personal-finance gurus in this conversation-driven podcast that offers a more local angle on hot-button issues that are shaping the financial-services sector. Preet Banerjee, former financial advisor turned media personality, talks to his guests about their work, as well as his own off-the-cuff comments.

Podcast host Jessica Moorhouse bills it as one of her favourite shows for the range of perspectives it taps into.

3. NPR Planet Money
A staple of financial-news junkies, Planet Money explains the sometimes absurd, vexing and horrifying phenomena that fill headlines, to reveal insights and surprises.

Chris Enns, Toronto-based financial planner and co-host of Because Money, is an avid listener of the show, which he enjoys for its ability to produce great storytelling that changes the way we think of money.

Newshounds to the core, in one of the latest episodes the team follows the “digital breadcrumbs” to track down the lair of one man’s fake-news operation and to uncover his rationale for fabricating stories.

4. Freakonomics Radio
Freakonomics flips the script on conventional wisdom to uncover the “hidden side of everything.” From the seemingly mundane to the endlessly fascinating, the series applies its own distinctive take on economic principles to a range of ideas.

5. Mo’Money Podcast
If you can’t quite crack the minds of your millennial clients, Moorhouse’s series serves up insights into their frustrations, preoccupations and motivations. From guests who dish advice on what it takes to finance a master’s degree, to a break down of what clients need to know about CRM2, the show offers a clear-eyed perspective on how people can manage their finances more responsibly.

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