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  1. Beatrice Paez
    When layoffs occur at your firm, your role is to instill confidence and keep your team motivated
  2. Beatrice Paez
    As team leader, your role is to mediate with both sides and help them find a resolution
  3. Beatrice Paez
    Small touches that evoke home and personality can put clients at ease
  4. Beatrice Paez
    New ways to gather employee ideas and feedback can improve engagement inside your firm
  5. Beatrice Paez
    If you plan to go offline during your vacation time, take steps to ensure clients’ needs are met in your absence
  6. Beatrice Paez
    The satisfactions of bringing children into a practice also come with some issues to look out for
  7. Beatrice Paez
    Use summer down-time to assess your progress and adjust your yearly plan, if necessary
  8. Dwarka Lakhan
    Get control of your daily tasks to increase efficiency and reduce stress
  9. Dwarka Lakhan
    Productivity and efficiency gains more than offset costs
  10. Dwarka Lakhan
    Seek guidance and learn as much as you can