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Job vacancies decline, wage growth pressures ease in Q2

Inflation causing price rising up, overvalued stock or funds, consumer purchasing power reducing concept, air balloon tied with product price tag flying high rising up in the sky.

Rising labour costs could mean a harder economic hit to curb inflation, Scotia report says

Europe flag and money

Core inflation is now higher than the headline rate

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Average hourly wages rose faster than expected and will likely worry the Fed

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Wage growth rebounded in July, rising 5% year over year

Europe flag and money

Core inflation calls revised higher, amid growth, wage pressures

Lawyer developing contract of partnership

All eyes will be on the labour force survey at the end of this week

Now hiring sign

Growth in labour demand, average hourly wages offered slowing

Couple getting financial retirement advice from consultant at home

Higher inflation and debt payments are exceeding income growth

Inflation written newspaper

Canada’s April inflation figure anticipated to be well below the 5.2% wage growth