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Wages, housing costs stoking price pressures in services

Household debt burden

Robust job market is keeping delinquencies low for now

Coin pile

The trend could contribute to higher inflation, raise concerns at the Fed

Man searches for job on the internet

Payrolls dip, but vacancies and wages rise

Inflation balloon

Unlikely that Fed will see enough support for a June cut, Moody's says

workforce team work business people in motion success corporate ladder employees appointment notice

Robust gains due to weaken as conditions normalize


Positive workforce trends to cushion impact of aging population

jobless puzzle pieces

Payrolls, weekly earnings, labour demand rose in January, StatsCan reports

outline of people

Curbing temporary workers to ease pressure on housing will hurt growth

Male worker standing with a trolley with boxes in warehouse. Warehouse worker in uniform with a cart in aisle of storage racks.

Job vacancies continue their steady decline