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Top-performing advisors discuss strategies they use to maximize their teams' performance. Compensation structure and flexible hours are key factors

Arranging a seasonal knees-up for your team requires a daunting number of decisions. Among the keys to planning a successful staff holiday party are knowing the tastes of your partygoers and choosing an appropriate time

Make your practice more competitive

A culture of collaboration is essential to success

WCM names 12 winners for this year’s “Return to Bay Street” award

When layoffs occur at your firm, your role is to instill confidence and keep your team motivated

OBSI plans to improve resolution process

As team leader, your role is to mediate with both sides and help them find a resolution

New ways to gather employee ideas and feedback can improve engagement inside your firm

Productivity and efficiency gains more than offset costs

From Saturday Night Live to Google, research shows that psychological safety is the key factor that sets top-performing teams apart from the pack. Team members must feel free to express ideas without fear of retribution

Share your vision and promote a team culture

Treat team members as individuals and provide opportunity to grow