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home ownership

The issue of what happens when an FHSA holder dies may need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, for example

planning challenge

Wealthy clients who earn capital gains and make large donations will be hit

Housing chart

The move follows pledges to review housing as an asset class

Close-up Of Businessman With Tax Time Reminder Note On Alarm Clock At Desk

Late-filing penalties and arrears interest on taxes owing are costly

estate planning

Affected owners have until Oct. 31 to file or pay before incurring interest and penalties

income tax

How section 166 certificate applies to underused housing tax, when HST applies to tips and deducting Covid benefit repayments

Bitcoin cyptocurrency

Taxpayers who do not seek advice regarding their offshore assets can easily run afoul of the T1135 reporting rules

Saskatchewan legislative assembly

Western provinces look to assert autonomy with revenue agencies

parliament hill

Revenues up 17.6%, expenses down 15.6% from first seven months of 2021

Close Up of Senator's Desk in the Canadian Senate

Meanwhile, eliminating student loan interest would cost $2.7 billion over five years, the Parliamentary Budget Officer finds