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The new feature accompanies an existing benefits search tool

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  • November 8, 2022 November 8, 2022
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Harvested wheat on farm field with hay bale in Saskatchewan, Canada

The province has enough money to balance the 2022-23 budget, says Finance Minister Donna Harpauer

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The Liberal government is moving ahead with tax proposals

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Help your client avoid double taxation

This picture says the development of economy, successful, and achievement

Taxpayer incentives, pension fund mandates are options worth exploring

Shot of a senior woman in a wheelchair being cared for a nurse

The Finance committee also proposed an amendment to DTC eligibility in the budget implementation bill

Ontario Legislative Building at Queens Park in Toronto Ontario

Tories also propose enhancing existing tax credit for low-income earners

Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

Government cuts fossil-fuel credits, offers new credits for critical mineral, carbon capture development


The accounts will have a $40,000 lifetime limit on contributions and an annual contribution limit of $8,000

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Keep these 5 items in mind this season