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Budget 2017: Five boutique tax credits eliminated

Debbie Pearl-Weinberg, executive director, Tax & Estate Planning, CIBC Wealth Strategies Group, reports on five boutique tax credits eliminated in the 2017 federal budget.

Given the proliferation of “boutique” tax credits, it’s clear that all of us could benefit from a simpler tax system

While the Harper government was a strong proponent of tax credits, many experts suggest that these credits cost Canada more than they are worth because of compliance costs and inefficiency

Could the potential elimination of boutique tax credits lead to a lowering of the general income tax rate for all Canadians?

Finance Dept. reports do not include future cost projections on a wide suite of tax benefits

The deadline for the first-time donor’s super credit is Dec. 31

Claims can be filed this spring

The government estimates that the tax credit will be valued at $10 million

The CRA has been challenging claims for tax credits for special education costs, but more parents are winning

CVCA concerned about contradictory signals from Ottawa on venture capital