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Investment commentary and reporting have been challenging to automate because of the skill required to analyze investment data, articulate the rationale behind investment decisions and ensure quality control

  • By: IE Staff
  • December 19, 2017 February 2, 2019
  • 14:45

With the wide variety of software tools available, you can stick with the tried-and-true PowerPoint and Keynote applications, or go with one of the less familiar but effective alternatives

The law requires that your clients store tax receipts and other documents for several years. A variety of digital options are available to make scanning, storing and retrieving receipts easy

The U.S. firm, which provided software for insurance advisors to monitor their clients’ in-force life insurance policies and identify sales, closed down last week

No one need manage their books manually in 2017. A variety of software tools cover every aspect of bookkeeping and accounting so you can spend more time serving your clients and less time tracking receipts

Insurers embrace automated underwriting

Demand for iPipeline’s electronic policy delivery tool for insurers, MGAs and insurance advisors is expected to be strong in Canada

IFIC introduces advisor centre portal

These tools let you focus on what you do best: connecting with your clients and prospects

Microsoft's latest operating system has some built-in security measures, but it also comes with some built-in privacy issues. You'll need to take a few simple steps to ensure your data are safe

U.S. asset managers in the dark on social media

The changes are designed to streamline communication between advisors and their compliance departments concerning the use of social networks

Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager 2017 will have fields that can capture all the relevant data points as well as commonly used forms within each client’s record