Toronto-based financial technology provider InvestorCOM Inc. and global financial services marketing agency ext. on Tuesday unveiled an automated, hybrid portfolio manager commentary and translation tool.

“Publisher/ai incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) with human analysis that results in more efficient processes, better-written commentaries and potentially significant cost savings,” the companies say in their announcement.

Investment commentary and reporting has been challenging to automate because of the high level of skill required to analyze investment data, articulate the rationale behind investment decisions and ensure sound quality control.

The new tool is not an attempt to replace humans, the companies says, but will instead help free up valuable resources for other value-added activities.

“Financial institutions face legacy issues such as having their portfolio managers spend too much of their time reviewing attribution reports and writing commentaries, which reduces their ability to focus on their core responsibilities of research and investing,” explains David Reeve, CEO, InvestorCOM, in a statement. “Publisher/ai is designed specifically to solve these issues.”

The tool’s technology produces data-driven base commentaries, and human intelligence then syncs with the technology to create the well-written, compliant commentaries. These commentaries can then be translated into French using Al, with machine learning capturing style and language preferences.

“The automated nature of this solution also means clients have the ability to create commentaries as frequently as they wish, across all products and asset classes,” adds Jillian Bannister, CEO of ext.