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Transition to shorter T+2 settlement now underway

The CCMA plans to provide status updates on the transition during the Labour Day weekend and help firms deal with any unexpected issues that may arise

SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy tackles the shortening of the settlement cycle

The CSA says most current trade processing practices will be adequate

The amendments are intended to ensure the transition to the T+2 settlement cycle takes place on Sept. 5 and is harmonized with the U.S.

The transition to a shorter settlement cycle is consistent with the U.S.

T+2 brings the cycle in line with other global markets

Proposal shortens settlement cycle from three business days to two

Echelon, BLG team up to create “capital pool company”

A shorter cycle is expected to mitigate risk in securities clearing and settlement

Revisions simplify standards and improve consistency

Canada to adopt T+2 settlement on Sept. 5, 2017