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A new report details the central bank’s oversight of financial market infrastructure entities

Moving to a two-day settlement cycle i will depend on regulators amending rules

Raising the amount to $500 million from $150 million aims to encourage market participants to trade at levels closer to the target rate

Regulatory action is critical for the industry to achieve its goal of a two-day settlement cycle by third quarter 2017

There is a consensus that the Canadian securities industry will be able to make a smooth transition to T+2 once a date has been set

Deal relating to mortgage-backed securities was originally rejected by U.S. judge

IOSCO begins monitoring standards for payment, clearing and settlement systems

U.S. insurance brokerage firm has implemented anti-corruption program

Self-regulatory organization must undergo review of policies and procedures

Firm and two reps allegedly violated UMIR between April 2006 and June 2007

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