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Go to the head of the class with these tax tips

Money garden

John Yanchus of Canada Life says annuities are increasingly popular in the current economic climate, and they have a lot going for them

Savings money jar full of coins concept for saving or investment for a house, retirement or education

Strategic withdrawals allow clients to smooth out their income levels over retirement

House of Commons in Ottawa

Here’s the status of tax proposals that matter to your clients

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Changes to RESPs and RDSPs, caps on payday loans and leeway to increase the CDIC limit are all law now


Department of Finance will wrap up its study in June

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The Finance Department is studying RRIFs in response to a House of Commons motion

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Both mutual funds, ETFs had net redemptions in January, IFIC reports

RRSP piggybank

Of those contributing, almost one-quarter plan to use the maximum amount

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Nearly half of Canadians think they will be able to retire comfortably by just investing in an RRSP

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