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The guidelines have also been revised to include sections relating to systemic supervisory failures, borrowing and lending arrangements and short interest reporting

A new report states that IIROC has observed “a dramatic decrease in the number of applicants and [reps] with solvency and integrity issues”

Reckless use of social media harming investors: CSA

Investors may have suffered as a result of major stock price moves caused by early, selective, or misleading disclosure made on social media

Canada’s banks will now have until Jan. 1, 2019 to comply with new liquidity requirements of the Basel III reforms

The regulator is following the lead many foreign regulators have taken to extend the deadline for firms to comply with certain new requirements

Adoption of big regulatory changes must avoid unintentional harm

The group will soon create an industry advisory group to gain insights on regulatory issues and get feedback on rule proposals and guidance

The U.K. regulator will be looking at a host of issues as well as potential enhancements to ensure markets meet the needs of issuers and investors

Organizations that make up the financial market infrastructure are urged to ensure they have strong cyber defences in place

Reg AT would introduce new safeguards, mandate transparency and expand registration requirements for automated traders

The two industry trade groups argue that a new regulator should be created to work in conjunction with IIROC and the MFDA