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The breach, which affected clients of InvestorCOM, has compromised information related to Empire Life's seg funds and mutual funds

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Demonstrate and discuss your regulatory requirements with clients, IFB says


Official digital currencies may have a hard time proving their value, the rating agency says

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InvestorCOM, a vendor of Mackenzie Investments, had data exposed when hackers targeted a secure file transfer service


A court dismissed the proposed suit involving hospital workers selling new mothers' contact information to RESP dealer reps

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Groups issuing financial planner and advisor titles must meet cybersecurity guidelines


Regulators alleged the firm's onboarding process for new reps was deficient


A widow sued her brokerage firm, alleging it failed to tell her about a change in her husband's accounts

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The firm agreed to pay US$35 million to settle privacy violation allegations

Open banking has the potential to automate onboarding, allow for fee comparison and improve risk assessments