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Insurers may need to tweak the consent process to protect clients

Proposed new service would make it easier for consumers to take control of their digital identity in a privacy enhanced and secure way

The CRA is marching Canadians toward filing their taxes online for convenience and efficiency. But with that convenience comes vulnerability. How can your clients protect their privacy?

Financial services firms may have to set up their dispute-resolution process "in a much more formal way"

A new report from the Security Intelligence Review Committee states that there were multiple instances of this happening from a particular CSIS office

Client information used for personal advantage

The urge to snoop and take advantage of the vulnerable is running afoul of new privacy regimes

The new Digital Privacy Act includes provisions to give added protection to vulnerable individuals

The new Digital Privacy Act has important implications for firms

Under new legislation aimed at a host of emerging threats, including cyberbullying, terrorism and theft of Internet and cable services, financial services institutions are likely to face more court orders compelling them to release clients’ account information. And while such orders sometimes are made under other laws, such as tax statutes, a new federal law […]