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Sector's strong financials, green transition, to drive deal activity

mining truck

Base metal price outlook weaker, precious metals stronger

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Energy, agricultural prices surge amid soft landing potential, BMO says

Merger puzzle pieces

Deal volume ticked up, value surged on mega-deal strength

Table of elements

Onno Rutten of Mackenzie Investments says studies prove a ‘smoother ride and a better return profile’

Both supply and demand factors contributing to rosier outlook, Fitch says

Rows of golden and silver bars stock photo

Traders sought to manipulate commodity futures markets, DoJ said

gold investment

Precious metals trader guilty of wire fraud, federal jury finds

gold investment

Rating agency lowers price calls of base and precious metals on gloomier forecast

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Dozens of state and federal regulators charge that investors were duped by false claims