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More declines from recent highs are likely, but prices should remain above pre-pandemic levels

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Mortgage growth slows as housing markets cool

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Loan books dominated by residential mortgages are vulnerable to a market downturn, DBRS says

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RBC says prices could drop 13% by early next year

  • By: IE Staff
  • July 18, 2022 July 18, 2022
  • 14:25
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Clients who recently bought with variable rate mortgages could face significant monthly bill hikes

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Those who owe more than 65% of the loan value will have to pay a portion toward the loan principal

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Incomes grew faster than debt in the first quarter

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A Manulife survey also found that two-thirds of Canadians don't view homeownership as affordable

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Revenues were generally strong but earnings differed based on loan-loss reserves, Fitch said

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Credit card debt rises for second straight month, outpacing mortgage growth