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The SRO issued a report Wednesday analyzing data from its client research project

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Updating your clients’ KYC form is both a chance to show clients that you have a sincere interest in helping them meet their goals and is an opportunity to grow your business

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A client’s age has taken on an overly important role when advisors determine suitability of investments for clients

Stay on top of your clients’ circumstances by following up with them regularly to inquire about their personal situations

Ensuring you collect the necessary client information and having clear communication with clients will reduce your exposure to lawsuits

KYC and suitability proposals raise the bar

In part two of a six-part series on targeted regulatory reforms, Dan Richards, CEO, Client Insights, speaks with Lynn McGrade, partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, about the CSA’s proposed changes to know-your-client and suitability that would significantly raise professional standards for advisors.

Although this question may appear to be a mundane detail in the KYC, it has great importance. This is why

Ensure you clean up your files properly to avoid exposure to litigation, or regulatory investigations and enforcement

To know your client is a good thing; to know your clients intimately, however, is not

A signed KYC form is not enough. Advisors need to spend the time and get to know their clients thoroughly