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42250157 - business investment opportunities on a global scale

Declining income supports, high prices cut into real incomes

inequality between leader and workers

After a pandemic pause, inequality is growing as poor hit harder by downturn

Shot of a stressed businesswoman sitting on the floor outside the boardroom

Rising prices are cutting into retirement contributions

david and goliath fight

Canada was a G7 outlier, as rising wages bolstered household incomes

man reading tablet and writing on paper

Help your client avoid double taxation

Businessman standing in front of the panel with financial statistics

Air is coming out of asset values inflated by pandemic supports

balls on scale

Incomes grew faster than debt in the first quarter

Concept of real estate, mortgage and lease

Australia is most exposed to higher rates, a Fitch report said, while Canada ranked fourth

Animation of two balls on a track

Canada is weakest among the G7 in the fourth quarter, as pandemic supports shrink

Wooden shelves on the wall with golden piggy bank, isolated on white, 3D illustration.

Household income rose but net saving dropped for every age group, StatsCan reports

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  • April 6, 2022 April 6, 2022
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