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Parliament buildings on a sunny day

Last year, the PBO was asked to provide an estimate on potential revenues from a wealth tax

Worried Young Couple Lying On Carpet Calculating Their savings, planning future, retirement fund

The data show that household finances are hanging tough for the time being

Poor couple sitting on the couch and counting money

High earners more likely to be in jobs that can be done remotely

three-generation asian family at home

Children born to high- and low-income parents were more likely to earn the same

three-generation asian family at home

The number of seniors living in poverty has declined slightly

Senior man in driver's seat of car

Women more likely than men to work freelance

Downtown Calgary with River skyline`

Western cities fared better than those in other regions in a new report

extended family walking on beach

StatsCan reports the average income of Canada's top 1% of taxpayers rose by 8.5%

Businesswoman Calculating Expenses on Printed Receipts

Income grew faster than debt, agency reports

Metal worker teaching trainee on machine use

The month saw a 3.4% year-over-year increase

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