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last will and testament waiting to be filled and signed

IIROC and MFDA advisors could lose their licence if they act as an executor and/or beneficiary

middle aged couple discussing something on a document with a female advisor at the table

Personal finance author will help raise awareness about estate planning options

Business man signing a contract

Hiring a professional to administer the terms of a will can be expensive. But in cases involving a large, complex or potentially contentious estate, an experienced hand can be well worth the cost

The new rule, which takes effect Oct. 6, will bring IIROC in line with the approach the MFDA has recently adopted

Slideshow: Help clients with the intricacies of estate planning

The hostile beneficiaries, who had claimed the executor had not met his duties, were ordered to pay more than $17,000 to cover the executor’s costs in defending the action against him

A court rules that trustees and executors can be on the hook for losses if the estate's assets aren't managed prudently

Providing support for your clients who are serving as executors can help them through a difficult time, and provide opportunities for you to guide these clients' future financial choices

Understanding Estate Information Return reporting

OBSI plans to improve resolution process

The product is meant to protect the executor and the estate from many of the potential legal liabilities that can arise from the managing of an estate

Regulators are continuing to mull over possible changes to the rules that restrict dealer employees from acting as an executor, power of attorney (POA), or trustee