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A court rules that trustees and executors can be on the hook for losses if the estate's assets aren't managed prudently

Providing support for your clients who are serving as executors can help them through a difficult time, and provide opportunities for you to guide these clients' future financial choices

Understanding Estate Information Return reporting

OBSI plans to improve resolution process

The product is meant to protect the executor and the estate from many of the potential legal liabilities that can arise from the managing of an estate

Regulators are continuing to mull over possible changes to the rules that restrict dealer employees from acting as an executor, power of attorney (POA), or trustee

Proposed amendments aim to clarify the limited circumstances in which reps can act under powers of attorney, or as trustees and executors for clients

The CEA program has been accredited for up to 30 hours of CE credits with various reputable organizations

Many family executors fail to appreciate the weight and complexity of the task. Advisors can help clients have these conversations

Investment dealers get nine-month extension

As a financial advisor, you are not permitted to act as executor for your clients. You can, however, offer valuable advice in helping your client select an appropriate person and avoid serious problems in the settlement of an estate