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Major reforms to the dispute resolution service’s mandate require action from regulators

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How you and your team respond to complaints can determine whether clients feel that they're getting the attention they deserve. A 10-step checklist can ensure client issues are resolved to satisfaction

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Review will take a closer look at disputes handled by the banks internally and complaints escalated to OBSI and ADRBO

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Advisors and their clients need the tools and resources to close the dangerous communication gap that exists between them

There was a modest increase in investment industry complaints

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The dispute resolution service aims to reduce the time it takes to resolve investment and banking complaints

Two business men shouting through megaphones

Giving OBSI the power to impose investor compensation decisions would empower retail investors to reject “low-ball” settlement offers

The new service will feature higher monetary limits and compensation caps

  • February 14, 2018 December 19, 2018
  • 14:33
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The service provides dealers with an easy way to ask questions about complaint handling

FAIR Canada and PIAC urges regulators to take action against investment firms that have repeatedly ignored their complaint handling obligations