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Although successfully completing a transition of a family-owned business to a new owner can take years, 60% of entrepreneurs who are within 10 years of retirement age have yet to start discussing their exit plans. That’s why I was so pleased to be introduced to Ian R. Campbell and his new book, 50 Hurdles: Business […]

New novel about a law firm involved in a bank/insurance company merger features a cast of loathsome characters and trains an acerbic eye on the culture of the legal profession

Canadians who spend extended periods in the U.S. or own U.S. property may find this guide to be a valuable resource when it comes to avoiding the wrong side of the tax authorities

Two advisors tell how they built a US$1.6-billion practice in 20 years

The author of the book The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Excellence is Daniel Collison. Incorrect information appeared in our February issue. Investment Executive apologizes for the error. © 2014 Investment Executive. All rights reserved.

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Daniel Collison's tome offers the critical education that advisors need to build and sustain a successful business. Don't be put off by this book's heft, as it fills the role of "syllabus on steroids"

Peter Merrick compiles a huge amount of information for advisors who are helping older clients. Don’t be daunted by the heft of this volume, which is actually two books in one

The authors of this tome explore the reasons for investing in markets with burgeoning economic potential in an easy-to-read format with no objective but to inform

The authors of Managing Alone have been able to write a book with ample practical advice for dealing with the death of a spouse. It's a great example of how advisors can inform clients

In “Black Water,” a financial planner sets out to open a new branch — and solve a murder