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New book highlights the core issue that threatens client/advisor relationships

These business-related books, suggested by members of the financial services community, might give you some valuable ideas for the coming year

Rosemary McCracken's third Pat Tierney mystery delivers an entertaining read with familiar themes: Muddled estates, messy records and the value of sharp questions

Exit is not a four letter word: How to transition your practice profitably and proudly

Statistics tell us that most entrepreneurs are grossly unprepared for leaving businesses that they have founded. Some say it's harder to leave a company than to start one

We’ve all experienced – and admired – people who walk into a room and make it light up. I’ve observed this quality in industry leaders, politicians, athletes and celebrities, as well as in teenagers, quiet academics and stay-at-home moms. The phenomenon has made me wonder what special skills these people have that they can turn […]

The Visible Expert, by Lee Frederiksen and Elizabeth Harr

These six volumes cover various aspects of helping your elderly clients manage their financial and lifestyle affairs. These books provide valuable advice for you - and may make excellent client gifts

Book review: So You Think You Are Ready to Retire?

There are three steps that financial advisors can take in their "path to visibility" in order to increase their opportunity to be noticed and remembered by prospective clients