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Bitcoin has behaved more like a risk asset this year than an inflation hedge

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The leadership candidate took aim at the central bank's role in rising inflation


The bank's research found that half of Bitcoin owners suffer from volatility, hacks and scams


Pair charged with laundering proceeds of 2016 Bitfinex hack

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The CI Galaxy Multi-Crypto ETF allows clients to invest in two cryptocurrencies in a single product

  • By: IE Staff
  • February 1, 2022 February 1, 2022
  • 13:54
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The firm's all-in-one balanced and growth funds are looking to add a small allocation to Fidelity's Bitcoin fund

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Institutional investors ready to move on from Covid as inflation tops portfolio risks

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Whether earnings from crypto are considered business income or a capital gain depends on the holder’s behaviour

Bitcoin in the hands of a child. The boy holds a metal coin of crypto currency in his hands.

The new classes seek to offset emissions from crypto mining


Experts suggest skeptics do their research before jumping to conclusions