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Shelly Lairar

Branch manager Shelly Lairar takes good care of her colleagues, her clients and her community

Peter Simons

Peter Simons brings a passion for teaching to CPN Financial Services, a business his father established

Janine ADAM BLASBERGGuenther

After a chance meeting with the firm’s founder 20 years ago, Janine Guenther is now at the helm of Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel

Dan Wynnyk

Dan Wynnyk, senior vice-president and investment advisor with the Waterfront Group, helps many of his wealthy clients give to charity

Nizar Esmail

Nizar Esmail has lived through market swings and helps his clients find opportunities during times of turmoil

Adam Bighill has been building a book of business “from the ground up” at Wellington-Altus

Shaun Darchiville

Shaun Darchiville has spent his entire adult life in the investment industry. He is driven by a commitment to ethics and a love of music

Lisa Elle

Lisa Elle's goal is to address the unmet needs of today's women by making finances "a little more fun"

Nadine Allen

Nadine Allen uses financial expertise, empathy and community support to foster client relationships

Cultivating agricultural clients

Financial advisor Raymond Riel draws upon his childhood experiences to provide tailored advice to farmers in the Prairies