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Choosing short-term option

Paul Ghoche of Canada Life says GICs are a healthy component of a diversified portfolio, but locking money up comes at a cost

  • By: Paul Ghoche
  • November 22, 2022 November 21, 2022
  • 13:01
Contract waiting

John Yanchus of Canada Life offers an explanation for the resurgence in popularity of insurance-protected market-based investments

Couple doing taxes

The director of tax and estate planning for Canada Life says financial advisors need to work closely with clients and their accountants to devise the ideal tax strategy

Canadian parliament buildings reflected in glass office building

John Yanchus of Canada Life said the budget put forth five distinct steps intended to alter the current trajectory of home prices

Person putting money into piggy bank

John Yanchus also discusses the value of borrowing in order to top up an RRSP

2021 Canadian tax form

Ways to save: John Yanchus, a tax and estate planning consultant with Canada Life, looks ahead to tax time and offers a few tips

Piggy bank under umbrella

Canada Life tax expert calls seg funds one of estate planning’s "best kept secrets"

Two senior ladies hiking in the woods

The 2021 federal budget proposed increases to payments for people aged 75+

Business meeting during Coronavirus pandemic.

Tax and estate specialist John Yanchus says facilitating tax savings is the quickest way to earn your clients’ confidence