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Paul-Simon Ghoche is a private wealth counsellor for Canada Life, focusing on Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes. He has close to 25 years working in the investments industry as a fully bilingual professional. Ghoche has been with Canada Life since 2008. He has worked in the field of macro-economic research as an analyst, and has held Investment sales roles in both the mutual funds and insurance industry, as well as in the structured products segment. He also has years of experience in giving value-added presentations to sophisticated audiences. As a C.F.A. Charter holder and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, Ghoche combines his academic knowledge with his vast experience to help build and generate strong business growth in pioneering areas of the marketplace.

Paul Ghoche of Canada Life says GICs are a healthy component of a diversified portfolio, but locking money up comes at a cost

  • November 22, 2022 November 21, 2022
  • 13:01