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Stacked white books on rules and regulations

Commission structures, account transfer standards and dual registration are all in the works

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Former fund rep fined, banned by regulators for misappropriation

New branding would replace existing logos by the end of 2024

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A review identified gaps in addressing conflicts associated with proprietary products


Panel concluded that rep was participating in proceeding anonymously

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Rep fined, banned after borrowing from clients, misleading dealer

Business lawyer team. Working together of lawyer in the meeting.

The case can either proceed to a contested hearing or the two sides may seek a new deal


Tribunal finds that rep's interest in client's estate didn't result from a breach of securities law

Business lawyer team. Working together of lawyer in the meeting.

B.C. court strikes certain claims in rep's wrongful dismissal suit

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Dorothy Sanford, former head of MFDA IPC, heads new investor group