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climate change

The review will help banks beef up climate planning and data gathering, Moody's says

Calculator pen, balance sheet and statistics for sales and taxes

As capital markets froze, M&A dried up and bank revenues dropped

Bear run or bearish market trend in crypto currency or stocks. Trade exchange background, down arrow graph for decrease in asset value. Cryptocurrency stock share price chart. Global economy crash

Equity issuance plunged and debt offerings dropped in 2022, Refinitiv reported

gold investment

Precious metals trader guilty of wire fraud, federal jury finds

global markets

Declines in underwriting, M&A drive 32% drop in fees, Refinitiv reports

Scenario analysis exercise will boost regulators' expertise and banks' risk management

World map with chart whooping ETF growth over time

Debt underwriting down too, led by a plunge in high-yield offerings

Federal reserve building, Washington DC

Pilot program in 2023 will test effects of climate risks on banks' businesses

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Total of 10 traders now found guilty of manipulating futures markets


Firms didn't have adequate programs for spotting red flags