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MFDA bans former rep for recommending unsuitable strategy

The Thunder Bay, Ont., advisor raised more than $500,000 from clients off-book

The filing of one consolidated report with IIROC is expected to be more efficient for firms

First Block Capital granted bitcoin investment fund manager registration

New guidance effective immediately

IIROC correct in concluding that fromer rep was dealing with clients

IIROC proposal raises concerns

Much debate on new CE proposals

Tougher penalties for failing to meet CE requirements will be delayed until the end of the new CE cycle

Securities regulators extend mutual fund-only exemption

The SRO is better positioned to collect the sanctions it levies against individuals in Ontario: It now can enforce its disciplinary orders in court

IIROC rolls out enhanced resources for investors

BMO GAM’s Ross Kappele elected IFIC chairman

Board re-appoints Marianne Harris as chairwoman; Paul Allison appointed vice chairman