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No strong case for the creation of specific licensing categories for fintech startups, consultation paper says

Manufacturers of financial products must specify a target market of end clients for whom the products are intended

The German and U.K. divisions of Moody’s Investors Service breached rules governing credit rating agencies

New guidance aims to ensure harmonized implementation of the new regime

The rules set out standards for both benchmark administrators and contributors

Concerns about fees and charges are on the rise

A new report suggests that uncertainty about political developments in Europe could trigger abrupt swings in financial asset prices this year

ESMA is concerned that brokerage firms are creating networks to avoid the obligation that internal matching systems be authorized as trading venues

It’s too soon for any regulatory action given that distributed ledger technology remains at an early stage, new ESMA report concludes

Regulators are concerned that a product that’s restricted, or banned, for investment firms could still be distributed directly by fund managers