Company: Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators

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New disclosure for seg funds to be aligned with mutual funds’ rules?

Empire Life expands digital applications to seg funds

The proposals would bring seg fund disclosure more closely in line with the information clients receive about mutual funds, but with some key differences

Empire Life expands digital applications to seg funds

The CCIR will also look at issues such as risk classification methodology, oversight of sales, needs-based selling practices, updating of client records and know-your-product due diligence requirements

Advocis takes stand against new Saskatchewan tax on life insurance

The association’s response to the CCIR’s strategic plan recommends that regulators implement a mandatory rule for advisors to conduct a needs analysis for all clients

Canadian insurance regulators focus on three key priorities

The CCIR plans to continue developing a Canadian market conduct regime that reflects the standards the International Association of Insurance Supervisors have set out

FSCO reports decrease in insurance advisors’ compliance rates

Carriers had to provide a wide range of information on the business they conducted during the previous calendar year by May 1

Empire Life expands digital applications to seg funds

But the two groups have differing views on how the rules for seg funds and mutual funds should be harmonized

One goal is to reduce the potential for regulatory arbitrage

Advocis encouraging advisors, clients to oppose commissions ban

Insurance regulators have issued a paper that suggests existing and potential gaps in disclosure between mutual funds and segregated funds may need to be addressed

Canadian VC funding activity surges in 2016

The CCIR plans to publish a consultation paper this spring to discuss potential methods of closing the gap between mutual fund and seg fund disclosure requirements