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Governors agree to set up a working group

The strong demand for yield has returned to dominate market activity

Policymakers and industry will need to be prepared to adjust

Central bankers say there is strong case for enhancing reference rate choice

Central bank governors are looking at possible changes to the way benchmark rates are set

Research finds that when the financial sector represents more than 3.5% of total employment, further increases in financial sector size tend to be detrimental to economic growth

Deleveraging led by European banks

Achieving G20 objectives will depend on the arrangements through which market participants obtain access to central clearing

The CCA comprises the governors of the central banks in the region

The latest statistics from the Bank for International Settlements shows an overall contraction in the global over-the-counter derivatives market, despite a large increase in market values.The BIS reports that, in the first half of 2010, positions of all types of OTC derivatives fell by 4% to US$583 trillion, following the 2% increase in the second […]