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This increase was driven largely by U.S. dollar interest rate contracts

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The group of global financial sector policy-makers’ new annual report stressed the need for critical structural reforms to keep the global economy churning

The online course will be made available to financial regulators worldwide later this year

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Extreme price volatility, high transaction costs and a lack of investor protection make cryptocurrencies unsafe

Carney will succeed Agustín Carstens, who will step down as chairman of two committees when he takes up the post of general manager of the BIS at the beginning of December

The changes are intended improve the functioning and flexibility of the BIS board

New firm focusing on digital asset sector raises $20 million

DLT arrangements could help enhance market transparency and risk management, but there could be negative implications to consider

The survey aims to help central banks monitor developments in global financial markets

Proposed revisions to market risk rules would increase the overall minimum capital requirement under the Basel III capital rules

Second-quarter drop offsets first quarter gain