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TD introduces three portfolio ETFs

Toronto-based TD Asset Management Inc. has launched a suite of three funds under its TD One-Click ETF Portfolios banner. These ETFs invest in a mix of broad market index TD ETFs and actively managed TD ETFs.

TD One-Click Conservative ETF Portfolio has a target asset mix of 70% fixed-income and 30% equities. The ETF offers investors a moderate level of income as well as capital preservation with the potential for growth. TD One-Click Moderate ETF Portfolio has a target asset mix of 60% equities and 40% fixed-income. The ETF aims to generate long-term capital growth while providing the opportunity to earn income. TD One-Click Aggressive ETF Portfolio has a target asset mix of 90% equities and 10% fixed-income. The ETF is meant to generate long-term capital growth with the potential for earning a modest level of income.

All three ETFs have a management fee of 0.25%. The ETFs are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

BMO boosts its fund lineup

Toronto-based BMO Investments Inc. has added three funds to its product shelf.

BMO Sustainable Opportunities Canadian Equity Fund invests in an all-cap portfolio of high-growth Canadian companies that have demonstrated a clear commitment to sustainability.

BMO Low Volatility U.S. Equity ETF Fund focuses on defensive sectors and Canadian equities with a lower sensitivity to market movements, thereby offering investors the potential for long-term capital appreciation.

BMO Target Education 2040 Portfolio is the latest addition to BMO’s suite of education funds. As a target-date fund, it provides investors with an opportunity for capital appreciation by investing primarily in a diversified mix of mutual funds and ETFs until the target date of June 30, 2040. As the target date approaches, the fund will gradually shift its asset mix from an exposure balanced among Canadian and global equities and fixed-income securities to an exposure that is primarily Canadian and global fixed-income securities and cash equivalents.

BMO also released the following U.S.-dollar versions of three ETF portfolios: BMO USD Income ETF Portfolio, BMO USD Conservative ETF Portfolio and BMO USD Balanced ETF Portfolio.

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New emerging-markets fund from Horizons

A new ETF from Toronto-based Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. offers investors exposure to emerging markets. Horizons Emerging Markets Equity Index ETF replicates the Horizons emerging markets futures roll index, net of expenses.

The index measures the performance of large- and mid-cap securities across 26 emerging markets. The index also reflects the investment returns generated over time through long notional investments in a series of MSCI emerging markets index futures that are based on the performance of the MSCI emerging markets index. The ETF is part of Horizons’ suite of total-return index ETFs. The management fee for the new ETF is 0.25%. The ETF trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Active ETFs from CIBC

Toronto-based CIBC Asset Management Inc. has added two funds to its ETF lineup.

CIBC Global Growth ETF aims to generate long-term capital growth. The fund invests primarily in equities issued by companies from around the world with high valuations and growth prospects. The ETF gains exposure to these securities through investments in Renaissance Global Growth Fund, which is subadvised by London-based Walter Scott & Partners Ltd.

CIBC International Equity ETF invests in equities issued by companies in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim with the aim of generating long-term growth through capital appreciation. The ETF offers investors access to international investment opportunities not readily available in Canada or the U.S. To achieve this goal, the ETF will invest in Renaissance International Equity Fund, also subadvised by Walter Scott & Partners.

Both ETFs have a management fee of 0.85%. The ETFs trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.