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September 2008

Special Feature

Firms are split on whether the industry’s efforts in hiring rookie advisors goes far enough

As the industry slowly shifts away from a sales-based mentality, so are compensation models

Bigger, better and growing in scope

Half of all advisors’ clients now have a financial plan in place

Although some advisors still complain about compliance, it tends to be about personalities rather than job performance

Advisors who have more independence over their books are more satisfied with their firms

Advisors say firms’ efforts in transition support and delivery on promises made, among others, aren’t up to standard

By providing a suite of support services, firms are helping advisors meet their clients’ growing needs

Regardless of style, succession programs must meet the changing realities of the business, advisors say

Despite a challenging year, the financial services industry has held its own

The picture is starkly different for the industry segments, as well as between top-producing advisors and the rest

Comment & Insight

You can’t protect consumers from themselves without educating them

New carbon taxes look more like an expensive branding exercise than real change

Party leaders are circling each other, and voters, trying to gauge their support

Ferrying, feeding and accomodating cottage visitors can make owners wish for fall

While wages, jobs and profits are still rising, the growth rate is slowing

Maybe Jean Charest will call a November election. Re-elected in 2007 with a minority, Charest has managed to turn “cohabitation” — his word for surviving…

Securities regulators are, once again, broaching the idea of increasing their oversight of financial planning activity. But while some improvement would be welcome for clients,…

Investment research

The move away from truck transport and automobiles is having positive repercussions for railway firms around the world

The stagflation-neutral hedge seeks to take advantage of performance gaps between the TSX 60 and S&P 500

Here are some formulas for finding winning stocks in these times

The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision on BCE took bonds off any pedestal of respect higher than that accorded to equities

Predictions about the country’s economic fortunes vary considerably

Focus on Products

HSBC launches new fund

But how the list will affect some mutual fund sales is still to be determined

Chart matrix allows investors to figure out quickly their ideal number

Sir John Templeton was a legendary stock-picker who was both knowledgeable and disciplined

Some fund managers are bullish; others more defensive, favouring well-established, “tall, dark, handsome and rich” companies

Expertly managed hedge fund of funds can be a stabilizing force in volatile markets

We need to do a better job of providing basic financial education for clients

AGF’s John Arnold is a deep-value manager who has delivered results for clients over time


Nine of the province’s credit unions involved in mergers this year

Aurigen Re has big plans for growth

No longer strictly a joint decision, spouses are retiring on their own terms

Executives say the largest dealer in Atlantic Canada is still a relationships-based business

IIROC takes a stab at regulating how its members deliver financial planning

It has been a year since the global credit crisis erupted, and the effect in Canada has been devastating

Incoming president Michael Mezei was struck by the firm’s close-knit, collaborative culture

Saxon retail and institutional funds will continue to be managed by vets Howson and Tattersall

More than 400 charges have been laid against a foursome who allegedly fleeced celebrities

But despite its recent financial losses, MGAs have confidence in the life insurer

By bringing three credit unions on board, the Vancouver-based firm is competing with Credential

Data from the Canadian Securities Administrators show that more than 60% of companies’ disclosure is lacking

As financial services firms report their earnings, it’s clear that recovery is a long way off

The recent drop in oil prices is allaying fears of inflation. But inflation won’t moderate quickly; it will go down only if oil and other…

Ontario’s Taub case has added to the confusion over the status of former advisors

Building Your Business

Business owners and decision-makers on your roster might be looking for employee benefits

While many advisors specialize in one type of life insurance, it pays to branch out into living benefits

PowerPoint is useful, but the audience is there to see you, not slides

The right advice can save clients’ children money — and create prospective long-term clients

Awareness of environ-mental issues is growing; there’s a good chance you have clients who are interested in incorporating green consciousness into their estate and philanthropic…

Insurance and portfolio adjustments can ensure both income and long-term care goals are met

Robin Randall left Bay Street for a quaint Ontario town

As the Internet becomes more and more crucial for gathering information, you need RSS feeds

Robin Randall, an advisor with TriDelta Financial Partners in Creemore, Ont., knows that networking in a small town means becoming active in the community. “When…

Thomas Deans provides a road map for the orderly succession or sale of a family business

You can play an important role — but you have to know the rules

Henry was frustrated because his financial advisory business had reached a plateau. He then developed a vision statement, which articulated in detail what he wanted…

Achieving success is a matter of overcoming barriers

Once you’ve created a vision statement, you need to develop a process for making it a reality

Fatty fish, flaxseed and leafy vegetables can help you stay sharp and avoid serious neurological diseases