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October 2019


The Ontario government still opposes the ban

The self-regulatory organization says its proposal is being “purposely misinterpreted”

Ontario hasn't reviewed securities regulations in 16 years

Turmoil in capital markets and slowing economic growth are having an impact on some financial services companies

Insurance Advisors’ Report Card

Dissecting the overall results reveals some unexpected findings, however

Advisors continue to stress the importance of back-office technology

How advisors rated their agencies

The segment's veteran advisors are still driving business activity

There was criticism across all firm types this year

Compliance requirements are growing for insurance advisors

To help advisors in the holistic space, agencies must continue to invest in support

Building Your Business

Buying a book of business can be an effective way to increase the size of your practice. But getting it right is no simple task

Many factors can affect the price your practice will command, but the amount of recurring revenue is one of the most important

After more than 30 years as an advisor, Sterling Rempel anticipates growth in his Calgary practice

Focus on Products

Portfolio managers say the favourable market for real estate investing has more room to run

Comment & Insight

Canadian household debt levels have long been a concern for the Bank of Canada. They should be a priority for financial advisors too. The central…

The Conservatives seemed to be depending on a damning report on SNC-Lavalin

Lack of progress on pipelines and cheap oil are not enough to sway right-leaning Albertans

Voters are focused on cost-of-living issues ahead of the federal election

On the East Coast, the pre-election scuffles have been small and quickly doused