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October 2016

Focus on Products

Toronto-based IA Clarington Investments Inc. has launched three new mutual funds: Forstrong Global Strategist Income Fund, Forstrong Global Strategist Growth Fund and Forstrong Global Strategist…

Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. has expanded its suite of products with the launch of three “smart beta” exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and three mutual funds. The…

First Asset Investment Management Inc. has converted Marret Investment Grade Bond Fund, a mutual fund, into First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF, an actively managed…

Toronto-based Northwest & Ethical Investments LP has announced the merger of two of its mutual funds. NEI Northwest Enhanced Yield Equity Corporate Class fund has…

Advisors need to rescape the retirement income conversation

Portfolio managers don't anticipate dramatic moves in bond yields

Front Page

Many people have a negative perception of life insurance sales

Weak investment by businesses is hampering economic growth

Groups prepare feedback on CSA proposals


Lack of global growth and a pause in the rise of interest rates are fuelling a gold bull market that's likely to continue for some…

Report recommends the creation of a "regulatory sandbox" in Canada that gives fintech firms the freedom to experiment

National Bank is intent on increasing its high net-worth business, with a strong focus on clients rather than managing fund products

With interest rates down for the count, an overweighted position in fixed-income just won't do the job for retirees

A first in Canada for advisors, a settlement has resulted in the implementation of an overtime pay policy for trainees

Research found that there's lots of room for advisors to grow their business among high net-worth consumers

Concerns about economic growth and the impact of Alberta's wildfires meant more than half the firms had lower earnings in Q2

Investment research

A year of confusion and uncertainty in U.S. and Canadian markets is making investing choices unusually difficult

Between political and economic uncertainty, skittish investors and oceans of cheap money, historically low rates are likely to be typical for years to come

Fintechs with long-term contracts have steady revenue, but organic growth can be challenging due to the nature of the services

Comment & Insight

With a stalled economy and pressure to slow an exodus of the young, Nova Scotia appears to be getting serious about providing boosts for the…

Whiffs of scandal and cabinet turnover have plagued the Liberal premier. But voter support still outpaces that of his rivals

VANCOUVERThe federal Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has sweeping powers. Local municipalities are joining in the fight to limit its expansion plans

In an age of mandated transparency, good behaviour has become essential to stability

Building Your Business

Debbie Hartzman, an advisor with Professional Investments Inc. in Kingston, Ont., has a diverse business background. Since entering the financial advisory business 22 years ago,…

For clients who will be away for extended periods, there are several issues they should consider, such as U.S. tax laws, travel insurance and home…

Rosemary McCracken's third Pat Tierney mystery delivers an entertaining read with familiar themes: Muddled estates, messy records and the value of sharp questions

Controlling spending, reducing debt and increasing savings can help your clients reach their goals. And when clients see the results of their efforts, they will…

Strength training is particularly effective in improving brain function, according to new research. And forget cramming: Sleep, if timed correctly, can help you learn more…

By failing to implement a succession plan, you may be neglecting your responsibilities to your clients. Here are steps you can take to ensure the…

Files stored on your computers can be lost through hardware failures or software faults. Either way, you have options for an attempt to recover your…

An advisor's 55th birthday and 25th anniversary in the business inspires questions about the development of a succession plan. The best advice combines the benefits…

Many advisors have noted that making the transition from building an initial client base to taking their book to the next level can be difficult.…

CRM2 Guide

Advisor credentials and titles are set to change, but an agreement on how appears to be a long way off

Erez Blumberger of AUM Law Professional Corp. talks about educating clients on CRM2 reports

Client conversations are going to change. Get in front of the process by being prepared

New rules usually bring penalties. Protect yourself

Despite a major push to meet deadlines, there is more to do

How to help clients avoid confusion

CRM2-style disclosure could be coming for a range of insurance products

Other countries have been more aggressive about investor protection

As the investor protection juggernaut roles on, now is the time to have your say

The third annual CRM2 guide reviews a range of complex issues that have emerged for advisors and their firms

There are some hidden shoals in the CRm2 regime. regulators offer advice on how to navigate them