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November 2021

Focus on Products

Portfolio managers share their picks

CIBC said 24 CDRs should be listed by early January


But stakeholders say board representation for financial advisors and smaller players is inadequate

Jonathan Lin, this year’s IIAC Top Under 40 Award winner, began by phoning members of professional associations

Only Saskatchewan takes a more liberal approach to locked-in accounts

As taxes on the wealthy increase, strategies such as diversifying income sources and income splitting can be beneficial

Find out the status of the proposals and promises that matter to your clients

Dec. 31 is a significant deadline for many tax strategies

“Platform” legislation would grant the OSC broader rule-making power

New rule changes will pierce the privacy enjoyed by trusts that hold family cottages and other assets

Investors who make honest mistakes can receive harsh penalties from the CRA

Comment & Insight

The province stands to lose revenue from Alaska-bound tourists if U.S. legislation passes

Editorial: Once companies can no longer cherry-pick their climate reporting, investors can begin making better decisions

Building Your Business

Mid-tier or mid-career advisors often benefit most from coaching