April 2022

Comment & Insight

The feds added $31 billion in new spending, but promised to find savings in next five years

Editorial: With investors facing more than $1 billion in losses from the collapse of asset manager Bridging Finance Inc., the Street has some explaining to…

Focus on Products

Financial advisors will need to be more deliberate about choosing fixed-income products amid challenging conditions

Two advisors share their portfolio picks for global diversification

Building Your Business

Branch manager Shelly Lairar takes good care of her colleagues, her clients and her community


Responsible investing can mean avoiding fossil fuels, or it can mean investing in and engaging with energy companies

New benchmarks measure companies’ environmental and social responsibility in the real estate sector

Screens would have excluded Russian sovereigns and avoided losses

Investors now have access to more than 200 ESG funds

Segregated fund families: Swing from value to growth helped some fund families while hindering several large firms

Four years after Scotiabank acquired MD Financial, banks and indies still compete for physicians

Client AUM is up by 55% since the pandemic began

But the banks say that climate-related shareholder proposals limit their options for achieving net-zero commitments