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New York City-based Nasdaq, Inc. on Thursday announced the slate of independent directors and in-house directors of Nasdaq CXC Ltd. (Nasdaq Canada).

The new exchange officially launches trading today.

Independent director Michael Foulkes, is chairman of Nasdaq Canada, and a former executive vice president at Toronto-Dominion Bank.

The other independent directors are Gerald Throop, most recently executive vice president and head of global equities with National Bank, and Mary Anne Wiley, former managing director and head of iShares Canada at BlackRock.

The in-house directors include, Dan Kessous, Nasdaq Canada CEO, Tal Cohen, senior vice president, North American equities, at Nasdaq, Thomas Wittman, executive vice president, head of global trading and market services at Nasdaq, and CEO of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a skilled group of financial services professionals bring a diverse mix of capital markets and equities expertise to the Nasdaq Canada board,” says Kessous, in a statement. “We remain committed to providing our market participants in Canada with cost-effective and client-driven solutions that leverage Nasdaq’s award-winning exchange technology.”